About Jea Sheng

Company history

1984 Foundry established in Taiping, capital NTD 1,000,000
1997 Approved as a certified ISO-9000 supplier of casting good for Taiwan Railways Administration.
1998 Official research of 50kg-N type turnout system begins.
2000 Entering Europe, American, and Japan casting market.
2001 Nantou factory established, capital NTD 130,000,000. Plant 20,000m²
2003 successful installation of 50kg PC sleeper turnout system
2006 3rd factory established plant 3,300m²
2007 2nd factory established plant 6,000m²
2008 Hornse international was established, capitalNTD 53,000,000. plant 19800m²
2013 Jea-Sheng industry increased capital NTD 270,000,000, total employees 110, plant 29,300m²
2014 Korean railway certified supplier. TAF certified testing laboratory. Meehanite certified casting foundry.
2016 Jea-Sheng industry increased capital NTD 332,500,000, total employees 130.

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