About Jea Sheng


Hornse International CO., LTD  
Hornse International CO., LTD was found in 2007 by Lin Sheng-Chu. Plant capital 19800㎡. Hornse is a company specializes in trading and processing ferrous scrap metal for foundries and steel mills. “ Profession and honor” have always been Hornse.  Hornse does not only provide price competitive scrap metal, it also provides the right scrap for the verities foundry needs. 
Due to the shortage supply of ferrous scrap metal in Taiwan, Hornse expanded its supply chain overseas, and has been successfully locating many trustworthy sources in USA, Brazil, and other different countries. 
Hornse International is now processing more than 6000MT of Steel mill and foundry used ferrous scrap. Due to the acknowledgement of high quality services from our customers, market channels and regular inquiries are increasing every month. In the year of 2009, we have even became the qualified supplier for the largest Steel mill, China steel, such qualification proves Hornse is a truly reliable scrap metal provider. Hornse’s products are No1 bushelling bundles (large), Silicon punching, low alloy punching, PNS, HMS 1, HMS 2, bushelling, and many other ferrous scrap metal.
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